Who We Are

We, the Sage Group in Bhopal, continuously grew and evolved in nearly four decades since its inception, transitioning from a pure construction company to a conglomerate touching and influencing the lives ...

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Our Unique Pedagogy

The SAGE Group believes in providing excellence in education and enrichment in learning; the University is preparing a formal project plan and business cases of a selected project. In addition, our students ...

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Our Accomplishments

The SAGE University has several feathers added to its cap. Our honorable CMD Er. Sanjeev Agarwal accolade with 'Times Men of The Year 2020 India' setting the benchmark of excellence. The SAGE University ...

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We Are The Skill Providers With Many Years of Experience in Academia

The SAGE Group aims to provide the best education at the international level and maintain tender cross-cultural dialogue amongst promising young individuals and developing their potential as future leaders of all domains whether it is Business, Civil, or Science society and as per the Indian study model. Began from a single engineering college with the name Sagar Institute of Research and Technology (SGI), the group put the foundation of SAGE University (SUI) at Indore. Adherent to the legacy of SUI, SAGE University Bhopal (SUB) also thrives for the same goal. The university offers UG & PG course modules for shaping contemporary developing societies.

The aforesaid course modules are supplemented by seminars on topics that are relevant to the nation and its people as well as workshops that make a way to develop each student’s leadership potential. Students get the opportunity to interact with eminent speakers who are experts in their respective fields. It helps students to discover and decide his/her career path in each branch of knowledge.


Short Term Courses Segmented In

1 Week Course

Courses offer higher secondary students well-planned training with experiential learning to stay ahead in future studies.

2 Weeks Course

Courses offer school leavers skill development and vocational training and prepare them for their successful careers in the future.


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